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Innovative and cost effective solutions
for on-site dental care in long term care, assisted living and independent living facilities.

About Us

Connecticut Dental Partners in a local, portable group, whose business office is located in central Connecticut.

The Practice Director, Dr. Colleen Watson, has been a dentist for over 20 years. She is also Group Practice Director at New York University College of Dentistry since 2009. In her past, Dr. Watson has served our troops through Reach Out America, a company that provided dental care to National Guard troops. Dr. Watson has also participated in multiple local, national and international dental outreach programs.

Our practice employs caring, compassionate dentist, and hygienist who share our service philosophy. We are focused on leading a team that provides quality dental care to the “Greatest Generation”.

CT Dental Partners Offers…

CT Dental Partners is a local dental group offering on-site comprehensive dental care to residents of long term care, assisted living and independent living facilities. Each resident is provided with an individualized plan of care that is formulated by the facility dentist. Residents will have regularly scheduled cleanings and exams.
Our on-site dental program includes:

Denture relines
Denture repairs

Denture cleaning

Dollars and Sense

CT Dental partners’ fees are very competitive. We accept all Dental insurances including Medicaid, United Health Care Dental and Blue Cross Dental.

A message from
Dr. Colleen Watson, Dental Practice Director

I have one simple goal, to provide the best care for your residents. This is what sets us apart from other dental groups.

Delivery of a high level of dental care not only involves an expert level of diagnosis and treatment, it also involves teaching the nursing home staff how to provide quality daily oral care for your residents.

As individuals age, the mouth begins to change. These physical changes combined with medication can result in decreased production of saliva.
Decreased saliva can leave an individual more susceptible to decay, gum recession and sensitivity.

When this happens it is important to have a regular oral care regimen that consists of effective daily oral care as well as professional evaluations and treatments.

We would like to help you manage these issues and be an extension of your healthcare team.

Why Us

Reduce Your
Monthly Fee

Decrease Denture
Turnaround Rime

Maintain Compliance
with State
Mandated Regulations

Electronic Medical
Records for Easy to
Read Exam Notes

Keep Track of Patients
Re-care Dates

Quality on Site
Dental Care

Staff Education and
Training on Oral Health

Based Practice

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